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What is an 0845 Number?
An 0845 number allows callers to call you from any BT landline in the UK and pay only a lo-call charge. BT Anytime users pay nothing.

Why should I go through 0845team and not another operator?
Other companies, including BT, will charge you by the minute for all incoming calls received on your 0845 number, as well as a hefty connection charge. BT would charge you 10 per month, plus 3.84p per minute on calls - we charge just 4.17 per month (50 per annum).

Many companies ask for a credit card payment before processing your order - we don't. We do all the work first and then invoice for payment after your numbers are live and being used. By operating this way means we can be sure that you are totally satisfied with the service before paying.

Our Non-Geographic Numbers are provided by established Tier 1 service providers. They only utilise the very latest technology which is equivalent to BTs. We would not allow any client of ours to have to accept low quality calls carried by a low quality network. We do not use call compression, so the quality of your call should be impeccable.

What costs are involved with your 0845 service
Just 4.17 per month (50 per annum- paid annually)

How does it all work?
Firstly, you decide how many 0845 numbers you want.

For example, choose one number for your main incoming line. Then, choose a few more numbers, so you can tell where your advertising responses are coming from. Place 1 number in Yellow Pages, 1 in Thompson's Local Directory and have one for the ads in your local paper etc. We can then provide monthly statistics (there is an additional charge for this service) so you can see where the responses to your advertising come from.

Next, let us know the existing telephone line numbers that you want your new 0845 numbers to be directed to.

Can I choose my numbers
Yes! During the order process you are shown a list of available numbers and you simply select the numbers you want. If you want a specific number(s) or a certain range please call us on 0845 340 2666.

What if I move offices or home?
If you move, we simply re-direct your 0845 number/s to your new address, anywhere in the UK.

Can I have call stats for my 0845 number?
Yes but there will be an additional cost, please call our office for a quote.

How much does it cost to divert our number to our new office if we move?
We can provide a system which will enable you to divert the 0845 to a different number or we can change it for you. If you require us to change the destination number for you there will be a charge for this.

What if I have more than one office?
We can supply you with sequential 0845 numbers if you have a number of business lines and faxes. You may also wish to have different 0845 numbers for each office in your company.

Does this affect my current telephone number?
No, your calls are received as normal, the only difference being, the caller dials your 0845 number which is routed to your existing telephone line number.

Can you provide voicemail?
Yes, voicemail can be added to your 0845 number.

Can a call be re-routed to an alternative number if lines are busy or the call is not answered?
Yes. We can set this up to meet your needs. Please call 0845 340 2666 to discuss your requirements.

What if my switchboard lines, etc go down?
Not a problem, our 0845 Disaster Recovery Service can immediately divert your inbound calls to: And, you can move it back immediately when the emergency is over.

Call our help line now on 0845 340 2666 to find out just how easy it is to put this protection in place and the other flexibilities of using 0845 numbers.

I already have an 0845 service, can I switch the service to you and keep our existing 0845 number?
Yes. We can "port" your number from any provider. This will allow you to retain your existing 0845 number, and the service will work in exactly the same way. Of course, you will also save money!

Can I divert an 0845 number to another UK number, an international number or a mobile?
Yes. There is a charge to deliver calls to International numbers and Mobile numbers. The charges are dependent on the International destination and the mobile Network. Please ask us for a quote.

Can 0845 numbers be accessed internationally?
Yes, by dropping the 0 in the same way as you would a standard telephone number i.e. +44 (0) 845 340 2666. However, as we have no control over international telecoms carriers, we recommend including your standard telephone number in any international marketing campaigns. When calls are accessed from abroad they are charged to the customer at the international telecoms carrier's international rate.

Will my customers know that calls charged to our 0845 number are only charged at lo-call rate?
It is widely known that calls to 0845 numbers are charged at BT's lo-call rate. In many cases, companies using 0845 numbers have the words "calls charged at lo-call rate" next to or underneath the number.

Do I need to install new telephone equipment?
No, not for 0845 numbers.

Do you compress the calls in any way - will we loose quality?
Absolutely not. Many companies are believed to be doing this - we don't.

How do you provide such a fantastic service for such a low price?
With our technology it simply does not cost that much to set-up and handle calls. This combined with low overheads and cost effective advertising enable us to provide premium services at a fantastic price.

Do you provide any guarantees?
We are so confident that we guarantee your satisfaction! If you are not happy with our service we will refund your 50.

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