Benefits of an 0845 number:

  1. The caller pays nothing if a BT anytime user or just lo-call rate charges when calling you from any location in the British Isles from a BT landline. You pay nothing
  2. Having an 0845 number increases the perceived value you place on Customer care
  3. The perceived size and image of your Company can be greatly enhanced with the use of an 0845 number
  4. An 0845 number is non-geographic which means your area of business is not limited to a specific region
  5. There is no need to change 0845 numbers, if you move offices or location, it simply goes with you
  6. A survey by The Henley Institute for Forecasting showed the inclusion of an 0845 number can increase the response to an advertising campaign by up to 50%
  7. Because new equipment and/or engineers are not required an 0845 number is very quick and simple to set up and can be routed to any standard, fixed or mobile UK telephone number
  8. Calls to your 0845 numbers can be automatically re-routed to an alternative number if all lines are busy or not answered
  9. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows the caller to select routing choices using touch tone phones
  10. There is zero risk of misuse as you pay nothing towards the cost of the call, (unlike for example an 0800 number where you would pay the full cost)
  11. On receipt of your order your 0845 number(s) should be activated and operational within 24 hours

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