0845 Fax to email
0845 team customer controlled routing
0845 team interactive voice response
Give your business the competitive edge with an 0845 number:

Your telephone number can say a lot about your business

It can tell potential clients your geographic location which in turn could inhibit a wider customer base. This can be corrected with feature rich 0845 numbers.
A survey by The Henley Institute for Forecasting showed the inclusion of an 0845 number can increase the response to an advertising campaign by up to 50%.

Charges to call 0845 numbers have recently been reduced with some BT customers being able to call them for free.

Client experience

The experience of clients when telephoning you can influence their impression of your company; our 0845 numbers and services can provide the functionality to help better serve both you and your clients in your communication capability.

No need to install any hardware or software

When a customer calls your 0845 number the call is automatically redirected to your selected destination number(s) (landline or mobile) or email address, your normal phone service will not be affected.

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